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Who are we

Having over 30 years experience in web development and electronics, we decided to throw the two together and make a business from them. 

We primarily provide web hosting services, on a be spoke bases, as no 2 websites are ever the same, and requirements change. We're small enough to be agile with your needs, but big enough to help and support you along the way.

You tell us what you want, and then leave it with us. We'll arrange the web design, photography, copy writing, release forms etc. We're not a one stop shop, but if we can't do it, we will know a reputable place that can!!

Basically, if it comes with a battery, or power cable the chances are we will fix it (where possible), We started in the Fruit Machine industry, then grew to computers, and now phones, tablet, Flat Screens, any thing really we can repair.

We can't say... everything is different, but we will speak to you, and provide you a no obligation quote. If it's going to be more expensive, we'll stop and speak to you first, if we get the Okay, we will continue, if you want us to stop, we'll give you all the work to date, after all you paid for it, so your free to progress any way that suits you.